Big Brother. Oh, I’m all into the reality shows – I know I’ve mentioned Survivor more than once, and I also watch The Real World every week, though I skip Road Rules. But I watched the hour-long Big Brother last Thursday, and ended up reading and only glancing up every once in awhile. My main problem on that show is Karen, who apparently couldn’t wait to trash her husband on national TV. What the fuck is up with that? "Do you still love him Karen?" "No, not at all." Why do some people go out of their way to be as cruel as possible to the people they’re supposed to love in front of as wide an audience as possible? What’s she going to prove by announcing to the world that she doesn’t love him, that he doesn’t like to kiss, and that he’s never complimented her? How do you suppose her kids feel? Four years ago when I had to go to court, in the process of divorcing my ex, one of the questions my lawyer asked while I was on the stand was "Why do you want to divorce <the ex>?" I was at a loss for words. The truth was that we had grown apart and barely talked; I’m fairly certain that he was as happy that the marriage was ending as I. But I couldn’t bring myself to say "Because I don’t love him." It just seemed like a cruel thing to say, with him sitting there. My lawyer finally jumped in after I sat there staring off into space and searching for the words for several moments and said something like "Is it because you don’t want to live with him any longer?", and I managed to answer in the affirmative. Karen strikes me as being the sort of over-emotional woman who’ll spill her guts at the drop of a hat. A loose cannon, I guess you could say. Sure, she’ll living happy now, trashing her husband at the drop of a hat, but I think she’s got a rude awakening coming when she gets back to the real world. Anyway. So, Fred’s parents came over Friday night, and we watched The Hurricane. To my surprise – I only rented it because I knew Fred wanted to see it – I liked it a lot. We watched Boiler Room Saturday, and I liked that a lot, too. In fact, I liked it so much that I didn’t want it to end, and I can’t recall the last time that happened. I watched My Dog Skip on my own, and bawled like the big crybaby I am at the end. That Frankie Muniz is just a little cutie-pie; I just wanted to pick him up and hug him. Luke Wilson is pretty cute too; I wanted to pick him up and do other things to him. I was supposed to do laundry this morning, but since a certain someone didn’t bring the laundry downstairs (though I note that it’s all nicely bagged in laundry bags in the upstairs closet), I’m more than happy to wait ’til tomorrow to do it. ‘Cause that’s just the kinda lazy gal I am.]]>