Keds to wear when I’m out running errands (it’s a bad bad thing to wear your exercise shoes when you’re doing something other than exercising, I’m told), and the black leather version on the Keds site are going for $35 a pair. Since that seemed somewhat pricey to me, I did a Google search to see if I could find them cheaper elsewhere. I didn’t manage to find cheaper Keds, but I did find the Keds Masturbation Manual page. Some people, it appears, have a Keds fetish. Takes all kinds, I guess. Fred has decided we’re going to start incorporating tofu into our diet on a semi-regular basis, and he bought some last night to try out. He read tons of recipes online, and decided to make "egg" salad with it – all you do is cut some of the tofu, mash the rest, and add whatever you’d put in egg salad – mayo, onion, whatever else you want. Fred did so and then decided it looked a little too white – needed some color, he said. So what did he add in the way of spices? Cumin and curry powder. You know, the stuff that smells like b.o. Since tofu takes on the taste of the foods around it, Fred had a big ol’ b.o. sandwich for dinner tonight. Myself, I had a Veggie Delight from Subway.