We tried tofu again last night. Fred made tofu parmagiana, and it was alright, if a tad bland. We’re not giving up though, not us! Later this week, I’ll be making curry-cajun tofu, and hopefully the tofu will soak up the curry-cajun spices. Maybe next week Fred will let me try a stir-fry. Probably not, though, because he’s not much of a stir-fry fan, since he’s WEIRD and all.

So, we reformatted my computer Saturday morning, just wiped it clean. I said to Fred, as the reformatting was going on, "I’m so excited! It’s like having a whole new computer!" And it really is. The only pain in the ass part is that I have to reinstall things like DreamWeaver (the software I use to make this site), Quicken, Office, etc. But everything’s working fine so far, knock on wood, so I think we finally beat the problem, thanks to Fred who is the MOST patient, MOST wonderful, MOST awesome geek of a husband a gal could ever hope to have.

Speaking of software and stuff, I discovered something this week that is just making my life SO much easier. Post-its software! I know the rest of the world has known about these for years and years – in fact, I recall reading about them on Willa‘s page ages ago – but I never got around to checking them out until recently. Little post-its that sit on your desktop until you trash them! Total genius!

Yes, the little things excite me.

< Yesterday, out of the blue, the spud decided that she was going to get rid of her Barbies. As I'm sure I've mentioned before, the spud has about every Barbie and every Barbie accoutrement in existence, and it takes up a large part of her room. She wanted me to give it all away to "kids who don't have any toys" (all together now, "awww!"), but I think I'm going to go through the box and keep some of it, 'cause if she has her own daughter someday, that'd be a pretty cool thing to pass on.

Sniff. My baby’s growing up!