China Beach on the History Channel at 6 (central time) and Thirtysomething at 9 (ditto)? Okay, so I haven’t exactly been watching China Beach or Thirtysomething, but only because I’ve been scattered and clueless this week. I’m going to set up the VCR (I’m thinking about convincing Himself that we need TiVO) to tape Thirtysomething every night. I love the hell out of that show. Well, I used to love the hell out of that show when I was twentysomething. I wonder if I’ll still love it? I do remember wondering on what world Hope was the beautiful one. I wanted nothing so much as to look and sound like Ellyn. I watched an episode of China Beach last night, from the second season when Ricki Lake was on, and it wasn’t so very interesting to me, which surprised me. I was devastated when it was canceled, though the last season didn’t much do it for me. I so wanted to be McMurphy. And that Boone was just the dreamiest. I was horrified when I saw him in The Oldest Living Bridesmaid with Donna Mills. Fucking gag me. It was like seeing Einstein reading a Harlequin. I couldn’t even look at him last night on China Beach in fear that I’d burst into tears, remembering how much I loved him when the show was on in the late ’80s and then coming across that piece of shit movie on Lifetime. I can’t even look at Donna Mills, ’cause it just reminds me of the heartbreak. Look. I was the mother of a young child back then and didn’t have much else going on in my life, you got a problem with that? Moving on… We went out tonight and bought a new refrigerator (did I mention that the people buying our house made our leaving our refrigerator behind a part of the offer?). A top of the line GE Profile Arctica, with all the bells and whistles. And since Bob Wallace Appliances was having a sale, we got it at a decent price. After, we decided to stop at a nearby furniture store to look at couches and love seats. The couch and love seat we have now are pretty well hosed – and no surprise, considering that they were very, very inexpensive. So, we found one couch and loveseat set we liked, but didn’t want to just buy the first set we saw. We had dinner – at a RESTAURANT! IN PUBLIC! OH MY GOD! – and then hit another furniture store. We ended up finding the exact same set and decided that we really did like the set, looked through the fabric swatches to pick out one we liked – and we managed to find exactly one that we liked – and then left, still not ready to commit. But we didn’t leave before Fred filled out an entry for a free bedroom suite (ugly as sin, it was), and since he didn’t want to be harassed by Steve, the furniture salesman, he filled it out with the correct name, but made up a false address and phone number. Oh, and I got a cheap and ugly crystal bowl, just because we came in. I took it, of course, but it’s going straight to the pile of crap we’re giving away to the Downtown Rescue Mission. We went back to store #1, sat down on the couch and loveseat we liked, and Fred told the salesman the fabric swatch number that we wanted it in. The salesman went off for a long time, then came back and gave us some song and dance about how they couldn’t do that because the fabric was discontinued for that particular store, yadda yadda blah blah. Fred asked what their best price for that set was, the guy told him, and off we went. To store #2, where Fred said "You told us you’d beat the other store’s best price by $50. Is that true?" The salesman went off and then came back to say that it was so. So we ordered that set. What sucks is that it’s going to take 4 weeks or so before they’ll be ready to be able to be delivered. Anyway, we were sitting there, and the salesman – Steve – started copying information from the above-mentioned entry form, wherein Fred had falsified our address and phone number. "Uh, wait," Fred said, and then proceeded to tell poor Steve what he’d done. Steve, poor Steve, was absolutely agog at the very idea. And then he looked at ME, like I was the instigator or something! "Don’t look at ME," I said, immediately rolling over on Fred. "I didn’t know he was going to do it!" After a long time of filling out forms and such, we were finally on our way, with another ugly crystal bowl in the backseat. Those people at the Downtown Rescue Mission, I’m sure they’ll be thrilled to see all those ugly crystal bowls.]]>