garden blog. I’m in pain, I’m seething so hard with jealousy. I have no idea where I’m going to plant what in the new house. I know I want a bulb garden (lilies, daffodils, gladiolus), and I’ll be planting a lilac bush somewhere, oh, and morning glories, too, but I don’t know how to LANDSCAPE, for I am not particularly talented in that respect. We do know we’re going to put rose bushes in front of the house, so that we can look out the computer room window and see them. And birdfeeders by the library windows so that the cats can sit and watch the birds and lose their little kitty minds. Oh, I’m sure it’ll all work out. So, I don’t think I’ve ever told y’all this before, but have I mentioned that I’ve been published? That’s right, I’ve been quoted in People, US, Rolling Stone, and Details (this was back before it started to suck). Perhaps "quoted" isn’t quite the best word. In ’93-’94, I got into the habit of writing letters to the editor, and actually got some of them published. I’m famous! So I got the ol’ scrapbook out and scanned them for y’all’s amusement. This one’s from People, and the apparent indignation absolutely cracks me up. Here’s one to Rolling Stone, and the original letter was much more long and rambling. Yes, I was a Beavis and Butthead fan, what can I say? The next letter was written to Details (again, this was back before they started to really, really suck), and it was the first letter I wrote with the idea of having it printed in mind. I actually liked The Joy Luck Club, so close those email clients, y’all. Another letter full o’ indignation. I was oddly proud of the "clueless stick". The only thing I ever got from the fame of my published letters was a letter from a guy who also lived in Maine, and ran an independent recording label. He sent me several tapes of various bands before I lost his address and just generally forgot about him. Oh, and while I was packing things, I ran across this essay the spud did in fourth or fifth grade. First, the picture: That would be Tubby. Next, the essay (click on the picture for a more readable version of it): ]]>