With five cats in the house, it’s no surprise that no matter where you go, there are piles of kitties everywhere. Here, Tubby and Spanky are enjoying the morning sun. Spanky was rolling back and forth in ecstasy until I had the nerve to get the camera out. More piles of kitties. Here, Fancypants looks up from his perusal of Shape magazine to see why Fred is snapping his fingers and trying to get him to look at me. Fred termed this picture "Little Lord Tubbleroy". Hee! Spanky and Miz Poo are on bird watch. Tubby is cooling his stomach on the nice cool hardwood floor. Speaking of birds, these birds seem to be adult-sized, but they were begging for food from another bird, who was feeding them. Maybe it’s a mating thing? I dunno, but it was kind of cool to watch. Spanky’s new favorite place to sleep is under my desk. Which means there’s nowhere for my feet to go, and upon occasion I accidentally kick him, but he’s the forgiving sort, and simply stands up, turns around in a circle and settles down in the exact same position. Miz Poo’s favorite place to sleep continues to be on her pillow on the top of my desk, amongst the piles of crap. I hope for her sake that the phone doesn’t suddenly ring. Another Poo pic. I don’t know why I adore taking pictures of her from above so, but it just cracks me up. From my desk in the computer room, I can look through the library window and see the sunset every night. This picture doesn’t really do it justice. This picture came out a tad better, but I had to go outside to take it. And the cool clouds that show up as the sun is going down. I love me some cool pink and blue sky, yessir. Don’t I look like I could use a nap? I had just finished Tae Bo-ing (the instructional tape). Damn, my hair gets light between colorings. And I need a professional to help me out with those eyebrows, I think. Here, I was trying to get a picture of Miz Poo and I together. Miz Poo was NOT cooperating, and this was the best of the bunch. Okay, I think those pictures will hold y’all for a while. I didn’t manage to get any pictures of Spot, but only because he’s still hiding under the bed most of the time. The rest of the cats have pretty much adjusted, even Fancypants. Thank god. ]]>