It was the funniest thing; Miz Poo was standing there, slowly shifting her weight from one back leg to the other, almost like a little dance. Come to find out, there was a gray neighborhood cat sitting outside the window hissing at she and Tubby. I went out to see if he’d come to me, but he wouldn’t, and after Spanky and Fancypants caught sight of him and set to howling, I had to go out and run him off for the sake of my sanity. From that same window this afternoon, I saw a huge flock of birds gathered around the bird feeders. I don’t think we EVER had so many birds at the old house.

There were a ton more on the other side of the yard, but one camera can only do so much. If I’d thought of it (and were a tad more talented with the Paintshop Pro), I could have made a panoramic picture. The majority of these birds, according to Fred’s father, are cowbirds, and are very common. I bet the cats are counting the minutes (if cats could count) until we have the yard fenced in and they can go out there. I feel for their lives when such an event occurs, ’cause they’ll be easily outnumbered, and no doubt we’ll glance out the window to see Tubby flying by, carried by 98 birds. And since I’m sharing pictures, check out Fred’s current footwear: He’s wearing my yellow slippers (this picture doesn’t really do justice to how fluorescent they are) because the tiled and hardwood floors have been hurting his knees. They’re just on loan until his slippers come from Land’s End later this week, though. Which is good, ’cause I need them back. I keep a pair of slippers upstairs and a pair downstairs (because yes, I am that lazy), and he’s hijacked my upstairs slippers, the bastard.