Man, the nominations for this quarter’s Diarist Awards end today, and I just squeaked in under the wire. You’d think while I was doing all that sitting around last week, I’d’ve gotten around to doing my nominating, but nooooo. The Procrastination Queen, that’s me.

Anyway, it’s my quarterly cheater entry, where I link to everyone I nominated in lieu of writing a REAL entry:

I really liked Mary’s WordGoddess collab.

Melissa’s entry about the difficult decision to take her cat back to the shelter.

Fred’s response to someone who believes that it was easier for him to lose weight because thisthatandtheotherexcuse. Yes, I’m allowed to nominate my husband, especially when I think it’s an awesome entry. Least, I didn’t see anything in the rules that said I wasn’t allowed to…

I think it’s a rule that I have to nominate one or more of Saundra’s entries each quarter, isn’t it?

I love me some Jolene , who consistently puts up incredibly brave entries like this one.

Liz’s entry about trying to figure out what she believes and what she wants, religion-wise, really struck a chord with me

(PLEASE do not email me and tell me that you’re praying for me to find my way back to jayzus, ’cause I love my readers, but I do NOT want to hear it)

Elizabeth’s entry about her father’s experience in 1981 was awesome and made me tear up. I spend too damn much time tearing up while reading journals, y’all.

Another thought-provoking entry from Rob.

As usually happens after I read something she’s written, I read Wendy’s entry and said "Amen, sister!"

If there were a Diarist Award for Ookiest Entry, I’d nominate this one. I was reeling around clutching my eyes, which were throbbing with sympathy pains, believe you me (and then the photo essay at the bottom made me laugh).

Oh, and while I’m talking about Bitter Hag entries, I nominated this one. "Genetically predisposed to White Trash" cracked me up something fierce.

I don’t remember the date on this entry, but I’m positive it was before September 11th, and an excellent entry on it’s own, but even moreso since September 11th happened. If that makes any sense.

I linked to Viv’s Eye of the Storm back when I first read it, and it still cracks me up.

I don’t know that Shelley’s entry about Dickie can really be considered a journal entry, but I don’t care. I nominated it anyway, ’cause it made me cry. Shelley always makes me cry, when she’s not making me laugh my ass off.

Carrie’s entry about being made to feel that she needs to defend her choices is really good. But actually, I DO think she’s brave. So there!

I intended to not nominate entries about September 11th – there are so many of them, and they were all really good – but I couldn’t not nominate this one.

And this one.

Never’s instructional entry tells it like it is. Sing it, sister!

Secra caught some shit for this entry, but I loved it. LOVED it, and it’s one of my most favorite entries ever.

Athena’s entry took me by surprise and made me cry, and it’s just an incredible entry.

Boy, I’m original, aren’t I? "An incredible entry", "an awesome entry", "made me laugh!", "made me cry!". Next thing you know, people will be paying me to say nice things about their entries so they can quote me at the bottom, like movie reviews…