I had a wickedly creepy dream last night that I was kidnapped and held hostage so that the creepy kidnapper could do some kind of weird mindgame-playing with me.

Not to worry, though. In the end, I kicked the kidnapper’s ass in a big way.

Today was a busy day for me. I didn’t roll my ass out of bed ’til 7:35, and then I had to exercise and shower before my hair appointment at 9:00. I made it in plenty of time and got to cool my heels in the waiting room for about ten minutes while listening to my hairdresser discuss her problem of the moment with her mother and 4 year-old son.

It appears that two checks HairChick was going to deposit had disappeared, and her mother was of the opinion that the 4 year-old had been playing with them. He was so damn cute my uterus contracted.

Anyway, I got some good reading time in while I had my hair colored (but not cut – remember, I’m growing it out), and I was out of there a little after 10:30. Then it was off to Kroger for Kashi bars for Himself, and while I was there I bought a couple of pots of pretty chrysanthemums:

Aren’t they pretty? And isn’t that little hedgehog the cutest thing, too? $3 at the grocery store (for the hedgehog, I mean)

Thennnnn, it was off to Wal-Mart for clay pots to put the mums in, since it’s windy around here, and I don’t want them blowing across the yard.

Is it just Fred and I that immediately think "Chrissie-anthemums", or did y’all see that episode of Three’s Company as well?

After a stop at the post office to mail something for Himself, I headed home to drop everything off quickly, grab a bottle of water, and then leave again, after giving Miz Poo a kiss on her sleepy head.

I went alllll the way across Huntsville to Sam’s, ’cause Bill O’Reilly‘s newest book came out today and Fred was spastic at the thought that he might not have the book in his hot little hands by the end of the day, and I refuse to shop at Books-A-Million because books there are SO damn expensive. Sam’s did have the book, which I got for less than it would have been at Amazon AND I didn’t have to pay shipping, so all was good.

Since I’d saved all that money on the O’Reilly book, I bought another book I saw, and a $10 Crimson Tide sweatshirt. I’m just doing my part to help keep the economy afloat, people…

Then, I went home, and stopped on the way at Publix to pick up the grocery items we either forgot to put on Saturday’s list, or ran out of between Saturday and today. By the time I left Publix, it was after 1, so I stopped at Wendy’s for lunch (grilled chicken sandwich, side salad, diet coke), and then I came home.

And now, I think I’m going to go start dinner and veg until the time comes that the scary lady:

comes to dominate the television one last time.

‘Night, y’all.