I have only this to say about The Amazing Race (aside from the fact that I always think “How sweet the sound” after I hear or type the name):

Team Guido? ASS. HOLES. Oh my god, how I loathe them, from the tips of their bitchy little heads to the bottom of their too-cute-for-words matching outfits.

Oh yeah – and I wish Lenny and Karyn would get disqualified and be put out of their misery. Have you ever seen a less happy-looking couple?


Bigtime congratulations to Amy, who had her own little sprig of parsley. Welcome to the world, Quinn!

Y’know, there just ain’t a damn thing going on today, aside from the laundry and little housecleaning (wanna help?), so I think I’ll put some pictures up and call it good enough.

Yes. They’re cat pictures. As you were.

I swear the damn cats have a water bowl. Perhaps Miz Poo didn’t want to go alllll the way upstairs? Note the evil green glow emanating from her eyes. (PS: I swear, the sink isn’t usually that dirty. Really!)

Fancypants dozing in the sun.

I think this picture came out pretty well. It’s obvious, but just in case, I’ll tell you that Spot was out back, and Miz Poo was watching him from the library. And Spot was licking something off of his nose, as well. That Spot, quite the talented kitty.

Ya gotta love the Poo.