Did y’all see Survivor last night? Was that just the NASTIEST friggin’ thing? I couldn’t watch, ‘causing I was afraid I’d gag. GAH.

I haven’t been to Wal-mart in days, y’all. DAYS. I’m afraid the stock price may have plumetted from the very shock of it.

Man. I just have NOTHING to write about. Would you be interested to hear that I set up a sweater-dryer in the bedroom specifically for the kitties to lay on, and every time I go into the bedroom, there’s a different cat laying there? And to increase their comfort, I put a towel on the dryer so that they’d have something warm to snuggle up in?

How about the fact that I have a clothes basket in the corner of the room with old clothes in it (which are waiting to be given to the needy), and which I left there specifically because Spot likes to sleep there at night.

I’ve turned into a crazy cat lady for real, haven’t I? What next – will I start sleeping in a corner huddled on a sleeping bag so the cats can have the whole bed to themselves? Lordy.

Okay, that’s it for me. I’m going to go watch Friends and ER, which I taped last night, while Fred and the spud watch their Friday night crappy movie.

Y’all have a good weekend!

PS – If you hadn’t noticed, you can now get to the journal by just going to bitchypoo.com, without adding /bitchypoo.html on the end. I accidentally uploaded the calendar to that page sometime in August, recently discovered it, and figured I’d just keep on doing that. Anyone who wants to find me isn’t going to have much difficulty – try doing a google search for "Robyn Anderson" sometime – so why hide? Besides, it’ll make it easier for y’all. And I’m all about making life easy for my readers ’cause I loooooove you.