Another time I should have brought the camera with me, damnit. We were waiting outside the auditorium for the spud to be done – it wasn’t an actual concert, it was more a practice for a competition thing they’re doing next week (or somethin’) – and the members of the next band (the spud’s in the advanced band; there’s also a concert band) showed up, and Fred pointed out a group of particularly geeky boys. Then he began ruminating about his own high school friends. “My friends were all very geeky,” he said. “But I wasn’t really geeky at all.” Unbidden, a HUGE grin came to my face. “What?” he said. ” WASN’T geeky!” I continued to smile. “You’ve seen the pictures of me as a kid!” he went on, starting to get annoyed. Indeed I have. < Hee! Okay, maybe “geeky” isn’t quite the right word. Maybe “dorky” covers it better. Even then he was a cute li’l muffin, wasn’t he? And that half-smile, that “take the fucking picture and get it over with!” in the second picture? He still does it. 1. What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done for someone else? I used to stick little love notes in Fred’s lunch, but that was years ago. I’ve also sent him flowers when he wasn’t expecting them. 2. [pardon the cosmo question] What are your erogenous zones? Neck and ears. Also, admiring my muscles without being prompted will get you laid any time. 3. How old were you the first time you had sex? 19. 4. What’s the most unusual place you’ve ever had sex? [Redacted] 5. Do you have plans for Valentine’s Day or is it just another Thursday? There’ll be no big fuss, but we’re exchanging small presents – in fact, I think I said “Get me one of those heart-shaped candles like you got me last year, and a card.” Heh. I’m such a bossy bitch. I’ll be surprising a few girlies who aren’t expecting it with a small valentine’s token and a card, though. Whee!