The American Embassy last night? I didn’t think I was going to like it, but I did. I didn’t LOVE it, but I liked it, right up to the last 5 minutes, which seemed to me a bit of a low blow with the car bomb and all. I’ll have to watch it a few more times before I decide whether I like it enough to keep watching, I think. I got up after Fred went to bed last night and watched Once and Again, which apparently came off it’s hiatus last week without alerting me. And I also managed to miss the first show of The Amazing Race last night. Grrr! Y’all are supposed to keep me informed about that stuff! Oh, maybe I forgot to mention that to you… I slept in a tad this morning, and by the time I was done exercising and showering, it was after 11. I was sitting in the chair in my room reading for a few minutes before going off to run my many errands, when I heard the sounds of a Fancypants howling pitifully. I assumed he’d gotten locked outside when I closed the door half an hour or so earlier, so I got up, finished drying my hair, and headed downstairs to let him in and be on my way. Only, when I opened the back door, he wasn’t there. I checked the garage, the bathroom, and the closet, calling his name in a goofy high-pitched voice, the entire time. I only use that particular voice to talk to him, and he knows it’s the Fancy Voice. He was nowhere to be found downstairs, so I went back upstairs and started looking behind closed doors – Fred’s room, the guest bedroom, the closet, and finally the small closet. When I opened the door to the small closet, he came running out like a bat out of hell, then flounced around at the top of the stairs and let the other cats sniff at him. Poor Fancypants! Fred opened that closet door to get rags to clean cat pee off the floor (Tubby took it upon himself to pee on a sheet I’d left on the floor to express his displeasure at my shoddy housekeeping, the little bastard) and left the door open. When I came out of the bedroom and headed downstairs, I muttered a few curses ("Never SHUTS the damn door, what, am I the ONLY one who knows how to shut doors around here?!") and shut the door. Where Fancypants was apparently hiding. And where he stayed from 9:40 last night until 11:something this morning, the poor guy. Of course, my sympathy for him will only last until he poos in the hallway instead of the litter box again. ]]>