It’s the legs, I think. The way it looks like he’s running like hell. Or tap-dancing. Anything that makes me laugh that hard – and is yellow! – is something I MUST have. I wonder how long he’ll last before Miz Poo spots him and carries him around in her mouth, howling madly. Speaking of Miz Poo, I was exercising this morning, doing crunches, and she came running out into the garage, howling with mad love for me, and jumped up on my chest, purring and kneading like crazy. It’s no wonder I almost passed out when I sat up. Her portly butt probably cut off the circulation to something important. After wandering around the mall for an hour and a half, I went to Sam’s. I drove half an hour for paper towels and gum. What? They have a really good price on paper towels, damnit! It was 1:00 by the time I left Sam’s, which is the time I usually eat lunch, and so I was grumpy. Making matters worse, I ended up following this STUPID BITCH for three miles, who was in the center lane and wanted to get into the right lane. She was driving ten miles under the speed limit, and she’d look over her shoulder and swerve to the right at the same time, then swerve back into her own lane when she realized there was someone there. She managed to miss about 45 excellent opportunities to move over, and by the time she actually got her ass in gear and MOVED over, I was truly pissed off and calling her every name in the book. Grrr. Oh! Don’t forget, Survivor is on tonight instead of tomorrow night. And the second episode of The Amazing Race is on afterward. Thanks to Michael (who heard it through the grapevine from his TiVo), I know that UPN is showing both the first and second episodes back-to-back Friday night. I have to see them both, you know, so I can figure out who I hate the most. As I recall from the first Amazing Race, I loathed Paul and Amy from the start. I think I did, anyway. And now I can’t connect to get my mail, because something somewhere is down, and it’s PISSING ME OFF. I’m starting to feel dizzy again, too. Please, god, don’t let me have a bug that will make me throw up. I hate throwing up. May there be no barfing in y’all’s evening… ]]>