Mr. Chicky yesterday. Several times today she’s made a point of going over and smacking him down off the shelf he’s sitting on. I think she’s trying to show him who’s boss. Man. Did y’all watch that stupid celebrity boxing on Fox last night? Fred was all kinds of excited to watch it, and I admit that I was a tad interested too, but it pretty much sucked. I was incredibly embarrassed for Barry Williams (aka Greg Brady), who got his ass kicked all over hell and creation by Danny Bonaduce (aka Danny Partridge). He barely put up a fight! I felt so bad for Barry Williams that I couldn’t even watch after the first round. The second fight, with Vanilla Ice and Todd Bridges was practically as bad, though as the fight (I use the word "fight" loosely, you understand) got underway, Vanilla Ice did this weird thing where he was bouncing straight up in the air. I said to Fred, "He’s a bouncing fool, isn’t he?", which made him laugh pretty hard. Todd Bridges won that one, big shocker. And the last fight, with Tonya Harding and Paula Jones was just sad. Paula was obviously very concerned about her nose job, and kept turning her back to Tonya. Finally, she gave up, though that BITCH Tonya got in one last punch upside Paula’s head. I’ll tell you what needs to happen – Tonya needs to get in the ring with someone who’s not afraid of her, and will kick her skank ho ass. I think I could kick her ass, personally, and I’d be happy to do it. Bitch. Survivor had us shaking our heads. I won’t say who got voted off in case anyone reading hasn’t seen it yet, but WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?! I don’t like that damn tribe at ALL anymore, and I hope they keep on losing. Bastards. I’m not liking either Sean or Rob at all these days, either. And Gabriel strikes me as a tad creepy, though I don’t know why. And Sarah continues to remind me an AWFUL lot of Lindsey. But what the hell am I going to watch tonight?! Ah well. I suppose I’ll survive. It just doesn’t seem right to have Survivor on Wednesday nights, though. I finally got my damn glad bulbs planted, all 100 of them. I probably planted them too close together, but after Fred scraped the sod up in the area I designated, I had to actually dig up the topsoil and make a hole, and by the time I got to the end, I was ready to be done. Once upon a time, I had the idea that I’d have flowerbeds along the entire length of the fence. Ha. I do need to get and plant lily bulbs, though. And I need to plant my morning glory seeds. I want to grow a couple of tomato plants, and Fred wants a lemon tree… ]]>