Possum #2. Apparently the cats ARE planning to bring the entire family of possums, one by one, into the house.

Bill O’Reilly wrote a column about Madonna this week that I wholeheartedly agree with. There’s just nothing sadder than someone who used to be pretty cool, who starts to take themselves far too seriously. (Thank you to Fred, who sent me the link)
Spoilers below for the season finale of The Bachelor. I watched the season finale of The Bachelor last night (it was on Sunday night and I taped it and watched Malcolm in the Middle instead), and I’m happy that he chose Jen instead of Kirsten, because Kirsten’s entire voice and personality just grated. Jen was classy all the way – never saying anything mean about Kirsten – while Kirsten was happy to say “Jen doesn’t like animals! She’d never fit in here!” and “The thought of Jen and Andrew together makes me want to throw up.” On the other hand, who the hell doesn’t like animals? What’s that about, Jen? Freak. Heh. The whole time I watched it, Fred sat and smugly said “I know who wooooon! I know who won! I know who won!” Apparently he read something about it somewhere. He didn’t know who was who, though, and had to ask me. The most excited I got, though, was at the end when they announced that Bob was going to be the next Bachelor. I LOVE Bob, and I’m REALLY looking forward to that show!
I finally had a chance to visit the new Sam’s – the one that’s only about 3 miles from home – and was mightily impressed. Everything was so shiny and new and clean, all I could do was wander around with glazing eyes, trying to take it all in. The only downside was that there were no fresh chicken breasts. What the hell’s up with that? The butcher (one of them, anyway. There was a gaggle of butchers standing around chatting it up.) said they’re still getting set up or something, but they’ll definitely carry them. Bastards. Chicken breasts were the whole reason I went to Sam’s! Of course, I managed to find plenty to buy. The day I walk out of Sam’s without buying something is the day y’all oughta start finding god, because I believe that’s one of the signs of the Apocalypse.
Our government has just raised the Terror Alert to orange, and in three days I’m going to be putting my 14 year-old daughter on a plane by herself to fly across the country. Yep. Didn’t have enough to worry about already. My only consolation is that she’s not flying into LAX, and one would assume that if terrorist acts were going to be committed at an airport, they’d be one of the larger ones.]]>