If you are ever tempted to send me a wreath from your local fucking nursery to hang on my front door, a wreath that showers goddamn motherfucking needles everywhere if you so much as glance at it, that comes with a bow for me to wire on the wreath “where ever you wish” and is supposed to HANG ON MY FUCKING FRONT DOOR YET FALLS OFF THE HOOK EVERY TIME THE DOOR IS OPENED OR CLOSED, if that desire ever seizes you, please. I would be ever so grateful if you would restrain yourself. Because if Fred can’t figure out how to get the motherfucking thing to hang on the motherfucking hook and not fall off constantly, the motherfucking thing is going in the trash. Yes, I know it’s the thought that counts, but at this very moment I hate you with the passion of a thousand burning suns, although I’m sure the NEIGHBORS are enjoying the show. Later.

Well, Fred got the fucker all set up. Yes, it’s lovely. Yes, the bow isn’t in the exact center of the top. Ask me if I care. Much later. Yes, it’s beautiful and I’m an ingrate. My parents sent us a wreath and it smells like Christmas and it’s from a nursery in Maine and I love it. Just as long as I don’t have to deal with putting it up again.
* * *
I’ve changed out the Movie of the Week – the new one stars Spot, in my ongoing campaign to ramp up the love for Spot and Spanky. I also put up a SECOND movie, this one of Fred scaring the holy bejesus out of the spud, one of his favorite past-times. The links are on the sidebar to the right, under the “About” heading. Enjoy!
* * *
The Bean wants to play. Tubby does his best to ignore the Bean. Tubby gets drawn in and nips at the Bean’s toes. There is a brief break while Tubby and the Bean try to figure out why I keep making those beeping noises at them. (Answer: it’s the camera). Tubby shows the Bean just who the boss is, after all. And the fight degenerates into Tubs and the Bean licking each other.