Skeery! And for comparison purposes, this is what it looked like in the summer of 2002, when we were there:

* * *
As of right now (11:45 am) all we’re getting is rain. It’s not even windy yet. Meester Boogers is losing his mind, though, because we have the window shut so he can’t get out through the cat door. He’s the only cat I’ve ever known who likes to go out and play in the rain.
* * *
Hey, remember the Christmas present Debbie made for me? The cross-stitch picture?
Well I never mentioned that the frame and glass broke in shipping, so I took the picture out of the frame and tossed it, and ever since, the picture’s been sitting by the door waiting to be taken to a professional framer (I’m not a very good framer when it comes to framing cross-stitched stuff). Yesterday, I finally took it to be framed. It’ll be done in a few weeks, and hopefully I did a good job of picking out the matte and frame. I’m not very good at picking that stuff out, either, so who knows how it’ll turn out? I also took the Shawshank Redemption poster I got for Fred for his birthday THREE AND A HALF YEARS AGO to be framed. That was easy, though – I chose the same simple black metal frame that I did when I had the Forrest Gump poster framed for his birthday several years ago. Speaking of pictures, when I was in Maine my mother asked if I wanted the ballerina picture that hung in my bedroom for most of my childhood. I did, and had it packed and shipped, and it arrived Tuesday.
I’m going to ask the spud if she wants it hung in her room – even though it doesn’t really go with her fart-clock “decor” – but if she doesn’t want it in her room, I guess I’ll hang it in the guest bedroom.
* * *
I don’t think I mentioned this, but when I was in Maine my mother, sister and I made a trip to my grandmother’s house. In her will, my grandmother left the house to my uncle (he helped her buy the house back when she was divorced from my grandfather – at the time, banks wouldn’t loan money to single women, even if they’d been in the work force for years. Grrrr.) and the contents of the house to my mother. I suspect that my grandmother knew that if my uncle ended up with her furniture, it wouldn’t be very well cared-for. My mother asked if there was anything at my grandmother’s house that I wanted, and to be honest all I could think of was that I wanted a candy dish she used to keep on her end table. When we were at the house, we found the candy dish, and I ended up taking a few other small things as well; just small things that will remind me of my grandmother.
This table was next to her bed. I’ve put at the bottom of the stairs, and when the cats are used to it being there, I’ll put a plant on it. Whenever I see the table, it makes me think of my grandmother, and I smile.
The candy jar.
There were two bowls like this in my grandmother’s cupboard, and I was immediately taken with them. My mother thought they originally held cottage cheese, but wasn’t sure. Anyone know? I love the color, and the way they look so delicate, but is actually a fairly heavy, sturdy bowl. Fred says he’s pretty sure his mother had bowls like this when he was a kid, only they were green. It says “Oven Fire-King Ware 7” on the bottom. Oh, and it’s cereal-bowl sized.
Oh, please. A juice glass with yellow flowers? Could it say “Robyn” any more loudly? I’ve threatened the spud’s life if she drops and breaks any of this stuff. I give it a week before she’s broken a bowl or the glass. She’s her mother’s daughter, after all!
* * *
Spanky likes the sun, oh yes he does. And when he’s had his fill of sunlight, he’s going to go upstairs and barf up a hairball all over The Momma’s lovely new comforter. He’s Spanky; that’s just what he DOES.