Robyn, help! Why can’t I submit my email address on the Gmail thing?? There is a space to enter my email address, but no where to “submit”! Am I missing something??? Type in your email address and hit “enter” – that should work. I feel so out of the loop..what is the world is gmail and how does it work?!!!! It’s a web-based email run by those fine people at Google. It’s similar to Hotmail, but you get more storage space (1000 MB) and since it’s still in beta testing, you have to have an invite to sign up for a Gmail address. Can’t you click the gmail ‘remember me for two weeks’ thing. That’s what I do. I could, but I have two Gmail addresses – one for personal email, and the other for notify list email. I have to log out of the notify email to check the personal email, and then log back into the notify email, so checking the box wouldn’t work for me. Hey about your gmail thing. Why don’t you use the gmail notifier? It sits down in your system tray and notifies you of new mail, or you can double click the icon and gmail opens without having to re-enter your username and password. Here is the link to download. That wouldn’t really work for me (see above about having two Gmail accounts), but I thought I’d include the link for anyone out there who might be interested.

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It took me a distressingly long time to figure out exactly what the holy hell Heather was talking about in this entry. And then I snorted Diet Coke out my nose. Ouch. Everyone! Reconvene your procedure!
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I stayed up past midnight last night, even though I felt sweaty and feverish and just generally crappy, to finish The Cabinet of Curiosities. Now, I BOUGHT the book because I had read Brimstone, wherein it was implied (or I assumed, I guess) that there would be more information about a character (Constance Greene) who was mentioned almost in passing in Brimstone. So I kept waiting and waiting and WAITING for Pendergast to come across Constance Greene in The Cabinet, and IT DIDN’T HAPPEN. Fuckers. At least Preston & Child had the common decency to put more information about Constance Greene on their page. Not that you’re interested, but I just had to vent.
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I just went and picked up the stuff I dropped off at the framer last week. They did an excellent job:
I had them put non-glare glass on the bluebird picture, and that stuff is awesome – you honestly can’t even tell there’s glass on the picture unless you reach out and touch it. The more I look at it, the more I like it. My sister did an excellent job on the picture, didn’t she? I can’t wait to hang it up. We’ve been in this house a little more than three years, and I’m finally getting around to hanging stuff up on the walls. It’s starting to feel almost like home…
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More from my comments: Spanky’s fort is beautiful especially the head board. That is gorgeous. Where’d you get it? I’m guessing it’s “in the family”. This is referring to this headboard:
That bed was Fred’s when he was growing up; his parents got it at an antique auction. I like the bed, but wish the headboard wasn’t quite so tall. Look at that GIGANTOR bottle of coins!! When are you going to bring those to the bank? That’s regarding this bottle of coins:
We’re going to bring it to the bank (or rather, probably roll them ourselves and then take the rolls to the bank) when it’s full! Actually, we’re hoping to fill it up in the next four years and use the money to help pay for our 10th anniversary trip to the Bahamas. (Did you notice that we WERE going to go to Hawaii for our 10th anniversary, but now we’re going to the Bahamas? That’s ’cause I actually made that 63,000 hour trip to Hawaii and I’m in no hurry to do it again!) Hee. Was the Bean actually gnawing on the cat food bag? That’s regarding this picture:
And yeah, he was gnawing on the bag o’ cat food. That’s because his mean ol’ daddy bought the cat food and then left it at the bottom of the stairs, and Meester Boogers could SMELL the cat food, but couldn’t get to it, and he got frustrated, and hung around the bag of cat food and subtlely indicated that his daddy should open the bag and give him some food, but the daddy just ignored him, and the frustration overwhelmed him, and he sunk his fangs into the bag. Which is when his mean daddy took the bag of cat food upstairs and hid it in the closet. Because after all, they HAD a bowl full of food already! What building is that on the candy jar? This candy jar:
That building is apparently The Darien. I have no idea where The Darien is, or if it even still exists. I don’t, for that matter, have any idea where my grandmother got the candy jar. It sat on the table next to her couch for a good part of my childhood, but there was never actually any good candy in it. Heh. I don’t know what I’m going to do with the candy jar. I don’t want to stick it up in the cabinet where it’ll never be seen or used, but I also don’t really have any place to display it, and we don’t keep candy around anyway. Maybe I’ll fill it with Trident Wintergreen gum and keep it on my desk. I looked at your contact page to get your mailing address and noticed you posted a new email address. I remember you used to have your email address posted differently because of spiders or bots or whatever and getting spam — is that no longer a concern with Gmail or something? Yeah, my email address used to be posted as an image to prevent spam. When I got the Gmail address I decided to put my email up as a link just to see whether the Gmail spamcatcher was any good. So far, it’s caught all the spam headed my way and put it in the “spam” folder, so I’ll say it’s pretty good and I’m probably going to leave the email link the way it is for now. Maybe it’s just me, but when I read “as ever”, the voice in my head says “as if”. EXACTLY. I always hear “as if” or “whatever” in my head when I read “as ever.” I’m still signing my notify emails with “as evah”, by the way, and I giggle a little every time I do it. Does Miz Poo act adversly from her many health issues or is she pretty much the same throughout? She pretty much acts the same throughout. Sometimes she’s a little more clingy than others – for instance, when she came home after they sewed her eye shut, she wanted to be laying in my lap or arms constantly, and had to be right up against me, flopped over my arm, at night. As she started feeling better she’d give me a little more space. This is how I determine whether she’s feeling okay: if I’m holding her on her back and rubbing her belly, after two or three minutes of belly rubbing, she goes into kitty overload and starts growling and grabbing my hand. I figure if she’s feeling fractious enough to fight with me, she’s doing okay. Also, if she growls and smacks Meester Boogers when he’s just walking by not trying to start anything, I figure she’s doing okay, too. Basically, if she’s ready to kick ass, she’s probably feeling good.
* * *
“The momma and the daddy are boring.” “Bor-RING.” “Sometimes they annoy me.” “But mostly they just bore me.”