Hi All, Many of you have helped me in the past (2000 & 2004) when I did this with my class and I’m hoping that you may be able to help us out again this Presidential Election year. My students are going to compare the front page headlines from around the United States (and maybe … Continue reading “11-6-08”

Hi All,

Many of you have helped me in the past (2000 & 2004) when I did this with my class and I’m hoping that you may be able to help us out again this Presidential Election year.

My students are going to compare the front page headlines from around the United States (and maybe beyond?) on the day after Election Day.

Therefore, if you can, would you please send me the front page only of your local newspaper dated Wednesday, November 5, 2008.

Most of the stories will probably be about the outcome of the Presidential election, with some local election coverage thrown in as well.

We have had a great discussion about the headlines in the past, and we hope to have just as much success this year.

If you are able to help, please send the front page to:

Mrs. Dissek’s 4th Grade Class
Pratt Elementary School
1628 Quaker Road
Barker, NY 14012

Thanks so much for your help!!

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I’m glad y’all enjoyed yesterday’s entry – I had probably too much fun posing for the pictures.

And yes, I was wearing a shirt that FIT. I told Fred that if I wore my usual slobby around-the-house couture, I’d catch shit from you bossy motherfuckers, so I dug around in my closet and found a shirt I bought at Wal-Mart recently.

It was surprisingly comfortable. I might have to try wearing clothes that fit a little more often.

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So, the Crooked Acres election results are in! Your Crooked Acres elected officials are as follows:

Senator-Elect Sugar J. Buttocks

Sheriff-Elect Maxi “Outside Mama” J. And3rson

President-Elect Thomas J. Cullen

All three races were pretty close, but I don’t think there was any hanky-panky with the voting, so Suggie, Maxi, and Tommy should all take their posts in January with no problems.

I see from the comments on the various polls that y’all are dying for Miz Poo to get into politics. She didn’t this time around due to health issues, but I think you might expect to see her gear up for a run at the presidency in 2012.

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By the way, the whole candidates-pictures-banner thing would have been a little more involved (with vice presidential candidates and much better photoshopping), but I didn’t come up with the idea until this past weekend, and didn’t actually get started on the entry (and the pictures and the polls) ’til mid-day Monday. I’ll try to do better in 2012!

Miz Poo also might have been a candidate this time around, except the opportunity to have the old white guy run against the young black guy was too perfect to resist.

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Newly elected Sheriff Maxi “Outside Mama” J. And3rson is under investigation for nasty campaign tactics. Sheriff candidate Kara “Upstairs Mama” J. And3rson was reported missing mid-day yesterday. A search crew was dispatched to look for Upstairs Mama in all her usual locations, but after looking in the front room, the shed next door, the chicken yard, and all points across the back forty, possible foul play was discussed. She was eventually located in the upstairs cedar closet.

“But she never goes in there, I don’t know how that happened!” her mother cried before sweeping her up for a flurry of kisses atop the head.

Sources close to the investigation state that doctors have declared Upstairs Mama perfectly healthy, but that she received a blow to the head and cannot remember how she ended up in the closet, bound and gagged.

A source deep inside the Outside Mama campaign

2008-11-06 (1)

declared that Maxi “Outside Mama” J. And3rson was heard grumbling about how much easier life would be if Upstairs Mama were to be “disappeared.”

We’ll share more about this horrifying story as details emerge.

2008-11-06 (9)
And3rson continues to be confused and addled about her terrifying ordeal, as well as slightly depressed over losing the election.

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I don’t know what on earth made me think that going to do my Thursday morning stint at the pet store followed by a 9 am hair cut and color, followed by an 11:15 appointment with the gastroenterologist (my usual six-month visit) would be a good idea. I think of all that running around, and it makes me want to take a nap.

Ah well. At least I can go out and get it all done and don’t have to make a special trip for the hair appointment or the doctor appointment, right?

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Miz Poo went to have her drain out on Monday. She has been such an angel throughout the whole process. Every night when we sit down to watch TV, she climbs up onto the pillow on my lap, and I take her no-cone collar off, and she spends the next hour or so grooming herself, then she naps until bedtime. At bedtime, Fred puts the collar back on her, and she settles in her cat bed and as far as I know, she spends all night there.

When she had the drain in, every single night she’d get one good bite at the drain before I stopped her, but when we went to the vet’s on Monday, it was still well in place. In fact, there was some scabbing around it, and the doctor had to take some time before he pulled the drain out.

I couldn’t stand the thought of watching the vet take the drain out, so I hid behind the vet tech ’til it was over. Miz Poo was a champ – she always is – and didn’t fight much. She goes back on Friday to have her stitches out, and she has to keep the collar on for a few days afterward, so I’m planning to take the collar off her for good Monday morning and see how it goes.

I expect she’ll be licking her back end all day long.

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The foster kittens continue to do well. After their scary experience last week, where I left the door to their room open and Delmar and Marion got lost in the house, I decided to take it a lot slower. For a couple of days I put baby gates across their doorway so they could see out of their room, but they couldn’t get out (and none of the other cats could get in). When I’d go into the room, I’d move the lower baby gate out of the way, and on Tuesday when I was hanging out with them, Lem said “Hmm. I wonder what’s out here?” and went exploring.

2008-11-06 (2)
(View from the kitten room, down the hall.)

I moved the gates down the hallway so they could get into my bedroom and the bathroom if they so desired, and at some point later that day I went upstairs and couldn’t find Lem or Marion. After much looking around, I found them hiding up inside the recliner in my bedroom. I poked them ’til they came out, and they ran back into their room. They come out of their room occasionally to look around, and yesterday Claudette actually went out and looked around for quite some time.

When we get to the point where they’re all wandering around the entire upstairs and not looking scared while they do it, and hanging out in my room, I’ll think about moving the baby gates to the bottom of the stairs.

The only problem with the baby gates is that Kara likes to hang out on my bed, and if there are baby gates blocking her access to my room, she gets worried. I let her through the gates if she looks like she wants to go in there, and she doesn’t seem to mind being locked in there with the kittens (and there’s water and a litter box in the bathroom if she so desires), so I guess it’s not a big deal.

2008-11-06 (6)

More pictures over at L&H.

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2008-11-06 (10)
Newtles makes himself at home. (Please do not look at the nasty window behind him. Mister Boogers had a sneezing fit all over it yesterday, and I haven’t had a chance to clean it.)

Also, to the person who asked in the poll comments: Newt does not believe in politics. Also, his past as a serial killer might come under fire, and he doesn’t want to subject his family to the harsh media coverage that would ensue.

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